Let me help you market more efficiently, grow your business, and become unmistakably you without feeling overwhelmed. Over this 4-week period, let’s work together to put the marketing reins back in your hands!

This 4-week live group coaching program will help busy entrepreneurs like you stop spinning their wheels and enjoy true forward momentum.

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Are you a service-based business owner, a strategist, or a coach who feels constantly confused by the latest (and greatest?) marketing strategies?

Have you wondered if you should create a webinar or schedule an email blast for your next launch, or maybe start your own podcast—since everyone else seems to do that? Or perhaps you’re considering trying your hand at public speaking to get in front of a new audience?

You keep adding new ideas to your list and feel overwhelmed by everything you need to get done.

You feel like you’re all over the place, launching so many different marketing tactics that you’ve begun to lose interest in them or have difficulty keeping track of everything. 

You’re doing all the right things—a little bit of everything, in fact—but are still not seeing the results you crave.

You feel stuck, frustrated, and unmotivated. Let’s fix that! 

Clarity on your priorities and how to efficiently market your company (after all, we want to grow your biz, not your to-do list!)

Proven steps on how to best use your time and efforts to achieve real results

A dream audience who's obsessed with you, causing you to book up months in advance

The joy of getting paid to do what you love while freeing yourself from irrelevant items left on your list 

You can finally breathe a sigh of relief and get back hours of time as you stop worrying about the things that don't matter. You focus on the big picture and create new possibilities. Your life is more productive, simpler, and —most importantly—happier! 

I know what you’re thinking. This sounds too good to be true. I couldn’t possibly achieve all of that. Yet, it’s so much easier than you may think. Let me show you!

I love helping busy entrepreneurs like you market more efficiently, grow their business, and become unmistakable you without feeling overwhelmed.

I can help you uncover the missing piece of the puzzle to relieve all the extra pressure, break free from your “do everything right now” handcuffs, and step into the spotlight!

All you need is a little push forward in the right direction.

team up with me to gain:

Imagine finally feeling like yourself while growing your business with simple yet efficient steps—without the late nights, frustration, and endless to-do list. 

How will this change your business?

Strategic work days

getting things done

clear & confident in your next move

stressing yourself out




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“Julie's help and vision have changed the course of my business’s trajectory!”

“Julie is a rockstar! She is as practical as she is creative. She quickly understands my audience comprehensively. Her help and vision have changed the course of my business’s trajectory—and I can’t thank her enough. "

-Melanie Fox, speech fox


(4) weekly 60-minute live caching calls over Zoom to help you gain clarity on how to best market your business based on your own personal strengths and goals 

(4) Hot Seat sessions where you can ask questions about your offers, social media strategy, website, time management, and/or similar topics and enjoy real-time brainstorming and feedback from myself and fellow entrepreneurs

(1) S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting call to ensure accountability

(4) weeks of strategy and support via email and Slack

(2) co-working sessions to help you follow through on your project or goals


what happens when you sign up...

Absolutely! We all need to start somewhere! 

"I’m new, and I don’t have an offer. Is this program right for me?"

We always have other priorities and tasks that eat up our time. Why not set aside 4 weeks to work together and get your marketing done right now?

 "I already have so much on my plate. What if I don’t have time?"

The first  Wednesday of every month at 1pm EST. 

"When does the program start?"

Common Qs and As:

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“Since working with Julie, my followers on Instagram doubled and my calendar is booked at 85%-100% capacity each week!”

"Working with Julie on marketing helped me grow my business tremendously. When I met with Julie, she very quickly understood my business and my needs. She made me feel heard right away and created a personalized plan for me. I was very impressed since my business is pretty unique. Julie was able to grasp the type of content I should be creating and how to best get through to my audience.

Julie also created a plan for me to gain more speaking engagements and podcast interviews. Her plan included expanding my market reach and engaging existing clients to have repeat sessions.

Since working with Julie, my followers on Instagram doubled, I’ve been asked to appear on 8 podcasts & IG lives, I’ve had articles written about me on Popsugar, and my calendar is usually booked at 85%-100% capacity each week.

I highly recommend working with Julie. She is excellent at providing the tools for success that I can reuse indefinitely to continue growing my business. I would definitely work with her again as I continue to look at new ways to expand."

-Elena K.

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 Say goodbye to all the clutter in your business and figure out what truly matters the most. I know your time is precious. So let's work together to help make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality! 

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