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Who are you? 

I’m Julie, a marketing consultant helping entrepreneurs and creatives strive for an authentic, impactful and inspiring brand. My job is to help you attract potential clients and dominate your industry in the most efficient yet creative way possible.

I have my master’s from Columbia University and experience working at Ogilvy PR & alongside award- winning artists, creatives and entrepreneurs. I love helping my clients make stronger, better connections with their dream audiences. Aside from creating personalized marketing strategies, I also love jazz, Agatha Christie audiobooks, and piping-hot cocoa! 

Let's get your name out there!

My consulting program is designed to unearth the awesome potential of creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. It is all about establishing a growth mindset, helping you be more visible online, and driving productivity. Working together, we develop a simple system that works; easy to follow, creative, and time-saving. My program empowers you to be more confident, as well as giving you all the skills and tools you need to navigate the choppy waters of online marketing.

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Why Should I Care? 

I’m so excited to meet you! Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Like there’s just too much conflicting information online? Like it’s impossible to keep up with the latest marketing trends and techniques, from maximising your media coverage to optimizing your conversion rate? Are you unsure about how to get your brand out there, cut through the noise online and stand out from the competition? Or do you just not have enough time on your hands to do some amazing marketing and grow your business?

If you’re nodding your head to any of these questions, I’m here to help! 

I’m so excited to meet you! If you like the sound of this, drop me a line, and we can start transforming your business with a bespoke marketing strategy!

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Let's Chat

Travelling and exploring new places!

Hosting a time management workshop for creative people

Help others feel stronger and confident

Creating a nourishing morning routine

I'm reallyyyy passionate about...


I get to empower entrepreneurs all over the world and help them grow their dream biz!


Became a marketing consultant and found my true passion!


Spent 2 months travelling.


Worked with my favorite musician Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz of Lincoln Center Orchestra!


Got to walk across the stage on Broadway.


Moved to the Big Apple!


Became the advertisng manager of my college newspaper.


Started college as a history major.

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mallorca, spain

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rafael nadal

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A glass of rosé, please!

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At home!

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Pop Punk Music

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